Innovation in the world of Car Rental Services

The age of leased vehicles has expired. Serenity Group’s innovative rental solutions make it possible to rent a car in the short term, from a few hours, up to a long-term – even several-year – agreement. We provide a driver with no charge for vehicles, so that you can always reach your destination in the most comfortable and safe way. We only selected premium models for the satisfaction of our partners. With our E-Class Mercedes limousins and T-models we take care of the exclusive appearance in every situation. The seven seater Vito is a guarantee for the comfortable travel of a corporate team or even the family. To fit the needs of our partners, it is possible to rent other types of vehicle. Under a specific agreement, we undertake to purchase the vehicle that meets your expectations.

Long term constructions now on introductory price

299.000 Ft/month + TAX

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After the order, our driver arrives at the location specified at the time agreed with the rented vehicle.


Free Wi-Fi, umbrellas, mineral water and phone charging facilities ensure the comfort of our passengers.


Our premium-quality vehicles ensure the appearance suitable to the occasion in any situation.

In addition to our short term and classic rental scheme, our long term car rental is a great alternative to a company car fleet. The company does not need to spend tens of millions of Forint on cars, as a rental scheme keeps the capital in the company while managers and directors can enjoy the benefits of a premium car. We also provide on occasion or full-time drivers for long term rented vehicles under a special agreement, which makes our services unique in the Hungarian market. No depreciation, no insurance costs, just comfort and elegance, coupled with exclusive look. Coupled with our driver service, city traffic is facilitated, there is no need to look for a parking space, and at the end of a negotiation the vehicle is immediately available. While the driver is driving, the passenger has time to deal with phone calls, to answer e-mails. Our drivers work under a non-disclosure agreement to have your business secrets in complete confidentiality.


Short term rental

classic rental

initial charge

1000 ft / occasion

45 000 Ft/half day


560 Ft

60 Ft


150 Ft


Our prices apply for car rentals of the models Mercedes E-Class Limousine, T-Model and Vito models with seven seats.


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Our staff is available between 7 am and 7 pm. Please indicate your order outside this period until 12 am.

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